LoveYou Olive Oil Soap


Handmade Soap

Bastille Soap Bar– made up of 78% olive oil.  This bar has a light lather, very mild and gentle.

Sea Salt Bath Bar – made of olive oil and coconut oil.  This bar also contains sea salt for a mildly “scrubby” feel.

Hand Milled Soap – made from our own soap, grated, heated and placed into a mold.  This makes  a very gentle, smooth and long lasting bar.

All  our soaps are made in small batches, without the removal of glycerin, carefully attended to, and individually molded.  Essential oils or high quality fragrance oils are added to enhance the experience when using these soaps.  Our soaps contain no preservatives, no artificial colors and no palm oil.

All our soaps are between 4 and 5 ozs. each.

Still working on this site.   For those of you who know and use our soaps, you can send an order via email to me at, until further notice.


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